What is a professional writer?

A professional writer has a degree in writing, has written hundreds of stories on a multitude of topics for a myriad of audiences and in several genres.

Experienced writers are worth their weight in gold and worth every penny you pay them. Each word in the copy is chosen for maximum impact. The audience to which writers are attempting to influence is researched and understood.

Professional writers are also easy to work with and consider their client’s needs as well as the finished product. Yes, writing is a work of art. However, when you are writing for a client their opinion matters, not the writers.

One client told me that one of his writers got testy when he critiqued his copy and wanted him to change it. A professional writer may indeed explain the reasons why it should be this way or that, but in the end, you are writing for your client, not to please yourself.

Critiques from editors and clients over the years have made my writing better and I welcome feedback. A good writer knows this. No one writes in a vacuum.

Words are meant to be read and digested by the reader calling them to action or to feel a certain way about a topic. Good copy flows. It isn’t choppy. Every piece has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Each is equally important. The beginning pulls the reader into the copy. If readers don’t get past the first graph, you haven’t done your job as a writer. The middle imparts knowledge about the topic matter and the end sums up and reiterates the call to action if there is one.

A professional writer knows how to flow each paragraph into the next, knows where a quote is best placed in the copy, knows when a quote will help to further the copy and when it doesn’t.

Professional writers know their craft, have perfected their craft and do not have an abhorrence for deadlines.

Having a writing background that began with local journalism, helped me to hone my craft over several years. I then jumped to corporate communications, public relations and marketing where I furthered my business writing skills by creating brochures, websites and other marketing collateral.

Right now, I am writing SEO copy for a technology copy, but am always seeking new clients.

So, if you are in need a well-rounded writer, who knows her craft, contact me and we can talk about how I can tell your business’s story through writing clean, concise and compelling copy.